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The AriaSaNa Project aims at making air and ground-based observation and providing an Air Quality (AQ) forecasting system 

Istituto Esecutore: CNR ISAFoM

Director: Dott. Riccardo d’Andria

Scientific Coordinator: Dott. Magliulo Vincenzo

Head of Administration: Dott. Ciro Orefice

Funding: 2.820.000 €

Period: from August 1th, 2013 to Dicember 31th, 2015



Ariasana project, sponsored by Regione Campania and coordinated by the Institute for Scientific Agriculture and Forest Systems in the Mediterranean (ISAFoM) of the National Research Council, provides information on air quality and land managers and decision makers and supports the implementation of environmental policies and protection of the quality and safety of food production.

The observatory will be equipped with a system for real-time forecasting of weather conditions for areas of reference, from the data collected by measuring devices combined with numerical calculation - which models the transport of pollutants and meteorological models. For this purpose, will be used air quality stations and mobile devices, including aircraft, equipped with advanced instrumentation for monitoring the trend of air quality of the region. The acquired data will feed into a control center for processing and graphic rendering in real-time. Our observation super-site, is a tower of air quality instruments that measuring urban pollution in the center of Naples, with these instruments we can measure the exchanges of mass and energy of the urban ecosystem: distribution and transport of greenhouse gases, particulate, gaseous and volatile organic compounds exchanged by anthropogenic sources, parks and urban gardens. Our contribution could join to PON I-AMICA project and will enable the establishment of an infrastructure that can also quantify the contribution of urban vegetation.